Measuring Devices
of the Series LasPaC II and LPM II

for Controlling the Contamination
of Hydraulic and Lubrication Oils

What do STAUFF measuring devices provide?

Reducing of machine downtimes

Fluid media cleanliness is critical in ensuring the trouble-free and low maintenance operation of hydraulic and lubrication systems.

70 to 80 percent of all machine downtime is caused by impurities due to inadequate fluid maintenance.

Commissioning and on-going maintenance

Precision hydraulic and lubricating systems work with clearances
in the micrometre range, so that even the smallest contamination particles can lead to increased energy consumption, reduced performance and expensive breakdowns.

Fluid contamination may also result in unscheduled oil changes and replacement of sensitive components.

Contamination control of hydraulic and lubricating oils

Particle measuring units from STAUFF determine the purity of your hydraulic and lubricating oils quickly, simply and precisely, providing an immediate result.

While the portable LasPaC II series units have been designed for on-site measurement and recording of cleanliness levels, continuous real time monitoring is possible through the permanently installed LPM II series particle monitors.

Easy application, even in difficult conditions

The LasPaC II’s versatile and exceptionally sturdy case protects the device in adverse environmental conditions and supports flexible use by maintenance and service specialists, for example
on mobile hydraulic applications.

Measuring without interruption to machine cycling

When the system is in operation the operating pressure does not have to be regulated during measurements; thus allowing the LasPaC to be used without interruption to machine cycling.

Permanent installation and continuous monitoring

With its compact and sturdy design, the LPM II can be integrated easily into existing configurations, whilst also being resistant to most external influences.

Overview: products and accessories

Laser Particle Counters LasPaC II

Contamination control of hydraulic and lubricating oils according to the “light blockade principle”.

More information on the products

Particle Monitors LPM II

More precise and more complete determination of the particle size in hydraulic fluids.

More information on the product

Accessories and Spare Parts

Accessories and spare parts for:

Product video: LasPaC II and LPM II

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Supplementary product solutions

STAUFF Test: test couplings for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. More information

Filtration: the STAUFF filter range offers a wide selection of pressure Filters, Return Line Filters, Replacement Filter Elements and Spin-On Filters for various hydraulic and lubrication oils.
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